MJAP Services at Butabika Hospital

MJAP supports the provision of PITC to patients in Butabika and her catchment area. PITC is routinely offered to all patients seeking care in these facilities and their attendants with an opt-out approach. In addition, the program provided PITC to partners and children of index clients in the HIV clinics. All the HIV positive clients identified during HCT activities are offered positive living counseling, initiated on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis for at least 1 month and linked to HIV/AIDS Care sites of their choice. The HIV positive women are educated about the need for cervical cancer screening and utilization of family planning services.

The HIV negative individuals are given risk reduction counseling including AB and C messages, condoms as appropriate, and the adult HIV negative males were linked to SMC services. TB screening is done for all suspected patients irrespective of their HIV status and those diagnosed with TB were referred to the TB units for TB management. In addition, the program supports couple HCT. Couples identified as discordant are referred to the discordant couple clubs at MJAP supported clinics. The HIV positive concordant couples are linked to care within the MJAP clinics or other clinics of their choice and those who tested negative receive prevention counseling. The HIV negative males are linked to SMC services.


ART Services

By the end of September 2013, a total of 33,241 patients were receiving ART services across the 24 MJAP supported facilities. Of these, 1,256 (3.8%) were children less than 15 years of age. A total of 9,218 patients were newly enrolled on ART. MJAP has extended ART services to Makerere University hospital, Mulago STD clinic and to all HC IIIs in Mbarara district through supporting accreditation of an additional 5 HC IIIs to start offering HIV care and treatment services. The program supports screening for ART eligibility, provision of ARV drugs, promoting adherence, and laboratory and clinical monitoring of patients on ART. More than 96% of the patients on ART have an adherence of > 95%. CD4 assessment is done for more than 80% of the patients on ART every six (6) months, while viral load testing is selectively done (due to resource constraints) for less than 3% of the patients with suspected treatment failure.










TB/HIV Services

People living with HIV are around 30 times more likely to develop TB than persons without HIV. TB is the most common presenting illness among people living with HIV, including those taking antiretroviral treatment and it is the major cause of HIV-related death.

MJAP supports TB infection control by facilitating implementation of administrative and environmental measures and provision of personal protection equipment (masks and N95 respirators to patients and health workers respectively). In addition, MJAP provides and disseminates the NTLP/MoH TB infection control guidelines to all the facilities. Monitoring and evaluation activities for TB infection control. MJAP also maintains and updates the electronic TB registers in the facilities where they were installed to improve, recording and reporting of TB treatment outcomes. All above activities are reinforced through joint clinical mentorships and support supervision with technical officers from NTLP/MoH.




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